What is supply chain

Question: What is supply chain management? 

What is supply chain management? More importantly, how does each function influence others within a business? A supply chain is the end to end, order to cash, procure to pay flow for a company. There are so many pieces to a supply chain that affect nearly all areas of a company, which is why ERP software has tentacles that are rooted in so many areas of a company.

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Darrin Joncas is a strategic business leader with 25 years of experience in enterprise information management and business intelligence. As a Senior Director of a global practice, Darrin has led teams in successful implementations of SAP in multiple verticals. Over the past two years, Darrin has built a boutique company, focusing on data, cloud, and migrations, with a specific lens on the oil & gas industry. His customer-first focused team delivery and devotion to executing plans on time and on budget has made his team 100% referenceable.

Scott Cunningham has more than 34 years of experience in information technology with over half of his time at SAP, becoming one of SAP’s elite Platinum consultants. He is a true pioneer in data quality with more than 29 years of experience in enterprise-level architecture and development focused on data quality in areas of data standards, marketing applications, master data governance, data quality product development, S/4HANA, ERP, CRM, ISU, and BI consulting. Scott is also a leader in SAP data migration initiatives, architecting many data migration S/4HANA, ERP, CRM, and ISU solutions as a contributor to SAP’s Best Practice Data Migration tools with data quality integration.

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