ExxonMobil subsidiary XTO Energy is an upstream oil and gas company, specializing in the drilling and production of unconventional assets, typically from shale rock through a process known as hydraulic fracturing. Upon acquiring the company, ExxonMobil set a path to upgrade XTO to SAP S/4 Hana PRA, including Drilling, Leasing, Joint Venture/Production Revenue Accounting.


  • Manage highly complex integrated systems
  • Deal with disparate customer and well master data
  • Conform to data governance and data privacy compliances
  • Deal with complex tax jurisdiction layers


  • Developed highly efficient integration solutions to various batch, near-time, and real-time interface needs
  • Implemented SAP best practice data migration solution using SAP Data Services for data conversion
  • Implemented and trained data migration team on S/4 Hana Data Migration Cockpit
  • Cleansed, consolidated, standardized, and harmonized master data using SAP Data Services
  • Created geocode-based tax jurisdiction lookup functionality for oil and gas wells


  • Integrate 20+ interfaced systems
  • Implement solid and proven data migration solution for data conversion
  • Profile and analyze data for anomalies
  • Cleanse, consolidate, standardize, and harmonize master data using SAP Data Services
  • Find tax jurisdictions for oil and gas wellls with no address info


  • Reduced some conversion run times from hours and days to minutes and hours – making for a feasible cutover (EG: JVA conversion went from 9 days to 2.5 hours)
  • Implemented best practices for data migration including built-in data reconciliation for better tracking/audit controls
  • Reduced missing taxing on wells from +60% to less than 2%
  • Made data governance/data cleansing foundation available to deploy across other ExxonMobil business units
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