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Financial Transformation

It is paramount that a business be able to record financial transactions with accuracy and confidence. W5 utilizes a proven methodology by integrating SAP S/4HANA Finance into our clients’ business processes. This financial transformation provides better business performance monitoring with real-time, impactful, and accurate information. Working together we deliver measurable change to your organization while laying the foundation for end-to-end business intelligence.

Supply Chain

A critical module of SAP is the SCM, Supply Chain Management. A properly managed supply chain not only saves money, but it also gives your business a competitive advantage. A W5 installation of SAP SCM allows optimum coordination between suppliers, customers, manufacturers, partners and all who comprise your supply chain ecosystem.

SAP I/S Oil and Gas

For our many clients in oil & gas, we deploy SAP’s IS-Oil Commodity Management, a user-friendly platform for capturing multifaceted deals, managing inventory/tank storage, and overseeing fees associated to tank/pipeline usage and movement. It automates significant aspects of the trade entry process and generates contract output for downstream processing from a logistics and risk management perspective. It allows for real-time position and risk reporting across all aspects of a trading portfolio, as well as translation of captured deals into SAP logistical documents to support execution and risk analysis. It also delivers high value in accurate tracking of profits and losses generated from complex trading operations.


SAP is the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software and its flagship platform is S/4HANA. Whether in the cloud or on-premise, this solution redefines how an ERP system can create value across a variety of industries. Our Platinum-level SAP consultants are experts in S/4HANA installations. Years of experience has taught us the right questions to ask and the best practices to follow that will ensure your installation goes smoothly.

SAP Sales Distribution

SAP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD) is another powerful enhancement to an SAP ERP system. SAP SD allows companies to properly store and manage sensitive customer sales data including the purchasing ordering, shipping, and invoicing. The work in performing these tasks are cost centers to your business. Streamlining these processes means cost savings and improved fulfillment.


W5 Grapeseed™ application and process enables you to track your inventory in real-time, whether in the cloud or on-premise. As a direct load into your source ERP system, W5 Grapeseed™ aligns the paperwork and the processes of shipments, carrier receipts, deliveries, and other key elements throughout each hand-off of the goods-tracking process. This allows you to always have immediate knowledge of your inventory in type, quantity, and value. Even if your goods pass through disparate systems, W5 Grapeseed™ will provide you, in real-time, the tracking data you need.

Commodities Management

 Purchasing and selling commodities has many factors that affect the financials. But the slightest volatility in the market makes it critical to know your real-time financial situation so you can make informed decisions. W5 Consulting will help you minimize commodity risk and optimize commodity pricing with SAP Commodity Management. W5 Consulting has the experts to build complex pricing formulas in easy to use templates specific to your business based on Commodity Market feeds, with insights on when to increase/decrease inventory based on historical/seasonal events, supply/demand, and Predictive Analytics through SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise AI capabilities.

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As company founders, we know business. We also know that business is personal, so we don’t rely on shotgun approaches or cookie-cutter solutions. We roll up our sleeves, work with you on site, and integrate into your company’s culture. It’s not just about your data. This approach helps us successfully train and coach your team and implement the right solutions for your unique situation.


We immerse ourselves in your processes to understand your frustrations and limitations. With the help of our analysis tools, we identify the biggest gaps in your business expectations, such as losses in income or latency in visualization. Then we bridge the process gaps by applying agile methodology and the right technology applications for you.


We achieve success through experience, discipline, and integrity. We complete projects on time and with your budget, and we are transparent with you throughout the process.


Our model uses onsite/nearshore/offshore resources, allowing for measured scalability to control costs, a faster delivery cycle, and risk mitigation. All while giving you the same quality at a better ROI.




We integrate ourselves into your culture, and form relationships to find and implement the best solution for you.


We capture your current-state processes and compare them to your business drivers to design the proper future state.


After understanding your people and process, we then identify the right technical solutions for your specific needs.


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