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Our comprehensive migration methodology always couples the migration with data conversion. We integrate end-to-end governance and build an audit resilient framework as defined by governance standards and the ECIM (Enterprise Common Information Model). The W5 team emphasizes the alignment of process with function to make the biggest impact on key business success variables and metrics. This includes a comprehensive review of the current, future, and gap processes at the enterprise level, as well as within business and operational units. The migration and data conversion objectives involve installation and configuration for development, quality, and production environments.


SAP is the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software and no one knows SAP better that W5. Whether you need a new installation, an upgrade to SAP S/4HANA, or a complete landscape transformation, we are committed to leading you throughout execution and beyond. Our implementations adhere to the SAP Activate Methodologies and proven best practices.


The W5 approach to analytics ties insight-generating activity into operational workflow to ensure that insights are not only interesting but also actionable. It is this product-validation processes with respect to analytic quality, lineage, and provenance management that provides a high-quality data and analytical product. Whether you need portfolio, risk, predictive digital, security, applications, or data analytics, the output be meaningful and actionable.


W5 specializes in strategic, analytical, and tactical business intelligence consulting. W5 enables our clients to comprehend, produce, and consume business intelligence in a manner designed to truly answer critical questions and provide the ability to drive business direction. We provide the highest quality service in the business intelligence industry, exceeding expectations and executing with excellence whether a short-term knowledge-on-demand engagement or a full-lifecycle project implementation. W5 offers cost-effective services and solutions designed with a superior, customer-focused approach.


At W5, we harmonize your processes, applications, and data across both cloud and on-premise. We utilize the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite to help you connect people, processes, data, and devices anywhere in the world. We increase your business agility by providing the connected processes, applications, and data that fuel your real-time enterprise. We can also take you beyond the IT infrastructure to interface smart devices, IoT, mobile apps, and other back-end systems to achieve higher productivity and greater operational agility.


When designing your data warehouse, W5 will utilize SAP Data Services, which is a data integration and transformation software application. This allows you to develop and execute workflows that take data from predefined sources called data stores (applications, web services, flat-files, databases, etc.) and allows you to combine, transform, and refine that data, and then output the results back to the same or different data stores.


Our approach includes a comprehensive data-quality assessment and profiling process with end-to-end cleansing and remediation. Based on the assessment results, your data is cleansed through a combination of automated and manual processes to ensure accuracy, completeness, relevance, consistency, and controlled accessibility. We work together with your business analysts or data stewards to ensure a safe, yet impactful, data cleansing.


W5 performs a comprehensive evaluation of your current data governance capabilities and business priorities. We then identify the governance model required to meet your strategic vision and business objectives. W5 provides you the knowledge link between how GDPR compliance is aligned with business processes, and how both are aligned to the underlying data repositories.


W5 Technical Support provides general technical, application, and code support regarding specific problems with a product or service, including training or other support services. For your convenience, we provide help desk support via telephone, SMS, online chat, support forums, e-mail or fax, remote access repair, or in-person depending on the situation. We monitor tickets 24/7/365.

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