Global delivery

W5 manages and controls the pool of consultants for our global delivery affiliates





We invest financially to build and grow our global offshore affiliates.

We provide strategic support and guidance on market trends, support affiliates with their partnerships, and management of projects.

We educate our consultants by providing learning materials and making our senior leadership available to mentor them.


We guide and mentor our global consultants one-on-one on how to make the client “fall in love” with them. We guide our global consultants to understand client pain points — why and how to work towards solving clients’ problems.

We help them build trust with clients in the first six to eight weeks on a project.
We educate our global consultants about meeting etiquette, client expectations based on client company culture, and surroundings.
We help our global consultants visit the client site, meet and know the business user & stake holders, form a bond, and take ownership of the project.

We make our global consultants feel as they are part of a solution and empower them to drive towards success.


We understand and respect each of our global consultants cultural, religious, political stances.

We connect with them individually and make them feel part of the team and company.

We provide them with the space they need to operate and be successful.

We ensure they know that they are respected and want to be with us for the long term.


  • Lower Overall Cost
  • Faster Development Cycle
  • Same Quality
  • Control and Autonomy
  • Support (Time Zone)
  • Team Depth
  • More Competitive
  • Agile
  • Results Focused
  • Cloud Enabled
  • Governed